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Below is a video created at the KLCC/Community Learning Exchange gathering in Park City, UT October 1-4, 2010.

People involved with the Kellogg Leadership for Community Change initiative share stories of their work and thank the Kellogg Foundation for their support over the years.

In this discussion, please post your own story of gratitude to the Kellogg Foundation for their support of the Collective Leadership work.  Give specific examples when possible.

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I am so grateful to the Kellogg Foundation for providing an innovative opportunity for community based organizations to come together for change. In addition to the opportunity to learn across geographical, racial and cultural boundaries this initiative has provided personal and professional development opportunities for the young people who will continue to carry this work forward for generations to come.
This has been a tremendous start to the adventure. The Kellogg Foundation's support of this essential work is greatly appreciated. We look forward to continuing this work.
This video was very touching as the stories of our work show the impacts we are making for social justice through collective leadership.
As I stated in the video, the Foundation but especially the people at the Foundation, have been very instrumental in helping local communities gain strength and power. I think that we at the Community Learning Exchange, as well as fellows and communities of the Kellogg Leadership for Community Change, feel grateful and even indebted to the faith and support that program directors such as Va Johnson, Frank Taylor, Ali Webb, Chris Kwok, and Teri Behrens from evaluation have given all our communities. Gracias.
I just wanted to take some time out and give a great big thank you to the Kellogg Foundation for funding our dreams here at Migizi Communications Inc, in Minneapolis, MN. We have been given a great blessing from the Kellogg Foundation to be able to continue our work for our children who attend Minneapolis Public Schools. Education Equity is a huge issue and to be able to have an opportunity to make change in a huge system is a great step towards equity for our children! Thank you again for hearing our message.


Nichelle DeCora
I have been involved in the KLCC & Community Learning Exchange for the past year. Since my initial introduction to my new Kellogg family, I have felt a deep gratitude because of the tremendous positive energy, support, and synthesizing ideas with others. I am so amazed at the willingness of other organizations to help and instantly dive right into the work with me. Even though we just met, we are instantly family because we share the same passions. The visions for the future is in the forefront of everything we do; when we laugh, cry, share ideas, even eat. Everything that we do together is a wonderful way to propel potential new leaders and we are so easily able to take away priceless experiences and tools that will help us with our work in our own communities. The time that I have spent with my expanding family is so amazing and wonderful. Thank you to every single individual person that comes together to making these gatherings possible, I cannot thank you enough! Thank you and as we say in my Native tongue, Chi Migwetch!!!
What a tremendous statement of faith in the wisdom and power of collective leadership you've made! Your investment in the KLCC work has generated results beyond expectation, and the energy and power of this work continues to roll on... transforming youth and adult partnerships, educational access, and so many other initiatives.

The investment in and affirmation of this work that Kellogg Foundation has made will make a difference when each of our community based organizations approach other foundations and donors for ongoing support. Just saying "The Kellogg Foundation was the founding investor in Collective Leadership based work" generates such respect, and will open many doors!

Thank you so much.
Thank you so much!  I have had so much fun with these trips and meet new people.  It has brought me many opportunities to have fun and do things that no other 8th grader has ever got to do.  I am so grateful.  I will eat your cereal forever!!!
The Sober cruisin project thanks Kellogg for their support. We have been able to bring the art of music along with highlighting all the great things in our area to the middle school youth. This has planted the seeds of ownership of community. The 6-9th grade children have gained some inner strenghts from which to draw on in their future. A future which is now a little healthier and brighter.
Some times the best way to say it is the simplest. THANKS
I want to thank Kellogg, and especially Chris Kwak, for your support of the KLCC project at Mi Casa Resource Center. The project has had a vast impact on the fellows who have participated throughout the years, the organization, and the community as a whole. We are especially excited about this new chapter in which we are taking the tenets of the KLCC project and integrating them into our Mi Casa Neighborhood Center at Lake Middle School. We have learned a great deal from the other organizations involved in this work, and thank the Kellogg Foundation for making this possible.
My time with Laguna coincided with the KLCC initiative in Eastern Cibola County and I am forever grateful for the all the experiences, trainings, gatherings and work I was able to be a part of. My time was spent learning and practicing collective leadership, which I have been able to carry beyond Laguna to other projects around the state and the country. I am forever grateful for the opportunities, the knowldge and the family I have gained. The good work continues and I am profoundly changed!
I feel deep respect and gratitude for the Kellogg Foundation's vision in supporting the wide-range of community organizations who share a common commitment to collective leadership. I have enjoyed and learned much from the stories that have emerged from each of the participating sites up to this point and am even more excited about how through Kellogg's initial support, each of these organizations will continue to shape not only their own communities in more respectful, inclusive, and generous ways, but in doing so shape our collective future.


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