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A week after returning from the Austin, Texas from the CLE (Community Learning Exchange)- MyBrother/MySister began to organize for a respect walk for the 3 women that were slain in our local East Cleveland community.  Sharing our truths at the CLE gave us the energy and purpose to prepare for such an event. Last night MBMS received news coverage on every primetime Local news station. Recently Cleveland has been in the news for consistent disrespectful acts committed against women from Anthony Sowell who killed 11 women in 2009, Ariel Castro who held 3 women in his house over 10 years and just received Life in prison while recently Michael Madison is charged with the killing of the 3 women in East Cleveland. Each of these crimes has happened within a ten mile radius of each other…our Village had to take a stand. We felt as youth ambassador’s of #CLC (Community, Love & Culture) these crimes wouldn’t have happened if those Men had an understanding of #CLC

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Thanks for sharing this Malcolm and for leading movement!

For those interested, here's a link to the news coverage:


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