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What knowledge do you have to share on "illegal" immigration?

I found this video very interesting and it has alot of information that if you have the time you should considering watching it.

I suggest combining that video with this video (book if you can buy it):

and  your memories from the Power of Propaganda exhibit from the Holocaust Museum (if you went).

I think it offers a perspective that is not commonly discussed even amongst "liberal/progressive" groups.  Very informational and packaged in a creative video presentation that is palatable to many audiences.


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Wow! I just watched the Pinky Show that you highlighted. Thanks for that. A provocative video. I love the ending.
Also, I'm glad you were able to join us at the CLE and hope it was useful to you. I look forward to continuing the dialogue online.

Ah, yes, good old Information as a remedy to shock.

So, I conclude from this second video that strategic communication should be a part of any effort to support youth and families during this time of immigration reform. Trustworthy, accurate, information can diffuse fear and help people make informed decisions about how to protect themselves and their families. I need to go ahead and buy Naomi's book. It's been on my list for a while. Thanks for sharing.

more info.

Cost to Build 700 mile border wall: 9 billion
Estimated Completion: 2330
American who do not think it will work: 67%

First soldier killed in Iraq War: Marine LC Jose Guiterrez, GUATEMALAN IMMIGRANT, awarded citizenship posthumously (after he was killed)

In 1910, The percentage of foreign-born immigrants in the US was higher than today
I shared this on another part of the site, but I thought it would interest people in this thread as well:


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