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I'm wondering if you might pass on our call for organizers to your networks and students.  The key thing to note is that we are building capacity between organizations and this seeks 5-7 hours a week but structurally creates a way for organizers and organizations to learn and build together.

And of course feel free to chime in on what you like and think needs work regarding this approach.

Thanks much,


There are lots of reasons to apply to be an IDEA Organizer
Here are a few: 

  • Build the critical connections and friendships needed to support real, transformative change in education.
  • Unleash and grow the capacity of yourself as a leader.
  • Support your school, your community, and your region with additional resources and tools.
  • Benefit from weekly mentoring and monthly sharing with other organizers working in different contexts who share your values.
  • Feel less alone.
  • Become not just a storyteller, but a storymaker.
  • Learn.  And learn while doing.
  • Generate public and political will for educational change in ways that are strategic and effective.
Here’s how to learn more and apply (98k .pdf). The deadline is July 15th. Join us!

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