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If you have questions or would like to explore ways of partnering with the Community Learning Exchange please call 206-328-3020, or message a member of the Coordinating Team:

Community Learning Exchange National Planning & Evaluation Team:

Cheryl Fields head shot Cheryl Fields - Education Trust

Emiliano head shot Emiliano Guajardo - Youth Evaluator

Francisco head shot Francisco Guajardo - University of Texas-Pan American

Miguel head shot Miguel Guajardo - Texas State University, San Marco

Chris Janson head shot Chris Janson - University of North Florida

Dominic head shot Dominic Militello - Youth Evaluator

Matt Militello head shot Matt Militello - North Carolina State University

 Dale Nienow - Center for Ethical Leadership

Kwesi head shot Kwesi Rollins - Institute for Educational Leadership

 Steve Stapleton - Center for Ethical Leadership

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