Community Learning Exchange

Getting Started with the Community Learning Exchange

Here are some ideas to engage in this growing community:

1. Learn about the Community Learning Exchange by reading the About Us section.

2. Check out our emerging list of resources on the Resources tab, this is also where you can find information about the past Community Learning Exchange events.

3. If you haven't already done so, Sign Up for a free membership, add a profile photo and tell us about yourself in your profile. Joining the site allows you to post comments, News items, Events, Photos and Videos. Members can also join or create Groups and direct message other Members.

4. Skim the list of Members and send friend requests to people who interest you. To do so, choose "Add as Friend" in the upper left below each individual's profile photo.

5. Join a Group and add your voice to the online conversations. If you would like to create your own group, let us know. We'll share a few simple guidelines for groups that want to be featured on the Home Page.

6. Post News and links to articles that are consistent with the CLE mission to "connect the wisdom and leadership of place."

7. Announce an Event and/or participate in events in your area to meet fellow CLE members.

8. Add Photos and Videos to the CLE site. We'll feature the strongest ones on the home page.

9. Getting help, giving ideas.
If you have problems logging into the site or signing up as a member you can contact Steve Stapleton or Jon Ramer by email or call Steve at 206-328-3020. Finally, if you have questions or ideas to improve your experience with this site please contact us. We'll look forward to meeting you online soon!

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