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Gracious Space Books

Gracious Space is a tool for change and collective leadership.  Defined as a spirit and setting where we invite the stranger and learn in public, Gracious Space is an approach to relationships that creates opportunities for deeper listening and understanding, and encourages the creative potential of diverse views.  This book explains what Gracious Space is, how it can and has been used, and how to create it in your workplace or community.  $10 plus shipping.  Order on-line through Center for Ethical Leadership. 

Courageous Collaboration with Gracious Space

In our rapidly changing and phenomenally diverse communities and organizations, we have an immense need for courageous collaboration, overt compassion and the ability to imagine and create positive change. The Gracious Space Change Framework provides a powerful and proven approach to hold our differences, dialogues and dreams so we can invent a more positive future together. $12 plus shipping. Order on-line through Center for Ethical Leadership.


Gracious Space Overview

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Gracious Space is defined as a spirit and setting where we invite the 'stranger' and learn in public.This is a quick 2-page overview of the 4 elements of Gracious Space and some ideas on behaviors that can guide its creation.


Introduction to Gracious Space Facilitation

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Creating Gracious Space doesn't have to be difficult and can be started with just a few easy steps. This facilitators guide provides some ways to begin establishing Gracious Space with a group in only 20 minutes.


Gracious Space and Collective Leadership

Created by: Karma Ruder

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How are Gracious Space and Collective Leadership connected? This 9-page think piece, written by Karma Ruder, explores how the container of Gracious Space is an essential component for developing Collective Leadership for Community Change. The lessons, examples and quotations come from participants of the Kellogg Leadership for Community Change initiative in which 11 communities decided to develop a new form of leadership to create sustainable, positive change in their communities.


Gracious Space Practitioners Group

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Join the Gracious Space group to receive updates on the many ways and places that Gracious Space is being used, to connect with other practitioners who are using Gracious Space in their community work, and to ask questions about best practices.


Introduction to Gracious Space video

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This 7 minute video is an excellent introduction to the elements of Gracious Space and some ideas on how it can be applied to different settings.



Video of Gracious Space elements enacted by participants at a CLE


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