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Why Black Women, Infants Lag In Birth Outcomes

Created by: Michele Norris, "All Things Considered" 

Date: July 8, 2011

Get Resource: website, podcast.

NPR broadcast reports on the statistics showing "there is a whopping disparity in birth outcomes based on race." 


How to Develop and Support Leadership that Contributes to Racial Justice

Created by: Leadership Learning Community

Get Resource: PDF (download)

A collaborative project to understand how leadership development needs to change to more effectively address racial equity.


Racial Justice Systems Thinking: New Paradigms for Analysis and Action

Created by: Dr. John A. Powell, Kirwan Institute

Get resource: slideshow

View the slides from a webinar on Race and Social Justice given by Dr. John A. Powell at the Kirwan Institute.


Know Your Rights! How to Protect Yourself in Case of an Immigration Raid

¡Conozca Sus Derechos! Cómo Protegerse en el Casa de una Redada de Immigración.

Created by: Roca Immigrant and Refugee Initiative team in Chelsea, MA.

Get Resource: English PDF (download), Español PDF (download)

This booklet provides basic information on legal rights of immigrants to promote fair treatment of immigrants. It encourages immigrants to create deportation plans to handle their affairs, particularly the care of children, in the event families are separated in this process. A list of legal advocates and local resources is provided. 25-pages.


CrossRoads Anti-Racism Organizing and Training

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Since 1986 Crossroads has been providing organizing, training, and consulting to institutions striving to dismantle racism. This includes analyzing internal policies and procedures that maintain white power and privilege, and helping to create an intervention strategy to dismantle oppressive systems. This link takes you to a list of working papers that they share publicly.


Racial Equity Toolkit for Policies, Programs, and Budget

Created by: City of Seattle's Office for Civil Rights

Get resource: PDF (download)

Available for use by all city departments as a tool to create policy, programs and budgets for the City using a lens of social justice and racial equity throughout the planning and implementation process. This innovative piece can easily be adapted for almost any organizational planning/budgeting process.


The Washington State 2009 Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity

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Assesses the performance of the Washington Legislature and the Governor during the 2009 Regular Session on policies that address and strengthen racial equity in Washington State.


The Identifying Institutional Racism (IDIR) Folio

Get Resource: PDF (download)

Contains tools to assist organizations identify and eliminate institutional racism in their organization. The folio includes readings, reflection questions, assessments, and resource lists.


Moving Beyond "Tolerance" in Race and Human Relations

Created by: Robin Toma J.D., Executive Director of the Human Relations Commission in Los Angeles County

Get Resource: YouTube Video

Robin Toma shares his insights on where we stand with human equity, where we want to be, and some steps on how to get there. This is one of three video segments.


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