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Collective Leadership A different kind of leadership is springing up in communities. It is more collective, relies on the strength of relationships, and is bent toward inclusion and justice. This collective leadership becomes possible when the members of a group, motivated by a common purpose, begin to build relationships with each other that are genuinely respectful enough to allow them to co-construct their shared purpose and work. This is about expanding from solo perspective of “I” to include the “We.” View resources.

Gracious Space Developing collective leadership for community change requires the capacity to build effective relationships and partnerships that operate from a deep place of caring, connection, and purpose. In order to cultivate these relationships, we need safe, supportive space where trust can grow. Gracious Space provides a container for deepening relationships and having challenging conversations. The definition of Gracious Space is a spirit and setting where we invite the stranger and learn in public. View resources.

Learning Exchanges Learning exchanges are held at least three times per year. They are 3-day gatherings of approximately 40-60 people from communities throughout the U.S. A host community shares their successful approach to collective leadership for change with others and helps participants apply the learning to work back home. This section provides descriptions, materials, and stories from past exchanges. View resources.

Racial Equity Anyone involved in community work that seeks to make communities healthier, more just and inclusive quickly encounters the effects of racism. Many of our institutions do not serve people of color well or have been unable to undo the lingering effects of past practices. This inequity extends to new immigrants and refugees. Carrying out social change in communities requires that we address racial equity. View resources.

Stories of Collective Leadership and Community Change View profiles of organizations who have used collective leadership to help create community change in a variety of locations around the United States. View stories.

Youth Engagement Youth are commonly viewed by adults as future leaders. More and more people are taking a different view, believing that youth have important gifts and perspectives to offer right now to improve our communities. Adults who partner with youth to work together on critical issues of communities can achieve greater progress. View resources.


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Comment by Shanti Elliott on January 23, 2012 at 5:04am

Hi Steve, yes, please add this site to the resources page:

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Shanti and Joan

Comment by steve stapleton on August 13, 2010 at 3:05pm
If anyone has a resource they would like to add to the site please either send it to me, or post in here in the comments section and then i will add it to the correct category.


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