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July 25, 2011 is Save Pell Day, an online day of action to tell Washington that America can't afford to balance the federal budget on the backs of college students . If you agree that no student who is eligible for college should be denied access on the basis of financial need, please support the national campaign to save the Pell Grant program.

Pell Grants have been helping students for more than 30 years. In 2012, nearly 10 million students are expected to receive…


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Teachers Cheating and Incentives

Teachers cheating and Incentives

Blog by Dan Ariely
Jul 19

In recent years there seems to have been a surge in academic dishonesty across many high schools (…


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Today is Nelson Mandela Day

Today is Nelson Mandela day and also his 93rd birthday.  People arouind the world have been encouraged to honor him by doing 67 minutes of service in remembrance of his 67 years of fighting aparthied in South Africa and to build a better nation.  There's a website where you can send letters to him that's very inspiring: 

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Union Chief Faults School Reform From ‘On High’

From the New York Times.

Union Chief Faults School Reform From ‘On High’

WASHINGTON — Amid one of the most contentious periods in recent memory for teachers’…


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Draft “Ten Point Assessment of the Most Difficult Challenges of Our Times”—Sharing “Table of Contents”, Seeking Input

The Five Sections in This Post:



Two Similar “Big Picture” Assessments

Previous IPCR Initiative Assessment Documents—and What is Different Now

Ways to Maximize Citizen Participation and Solution-Oriented Activity

Draft “Table of Contents” for “A Ten Point Assessment of the Most Difficult Challenges of Our Times”





This writer [founder and outreach coordinator of The…


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The IPCR Initiative and Community Visioning Initiatives: How to Grow Consensus for a Community Narrative—“Organically”

Introduction—How Comprehensive Can Peacebuilding Efforts Be?


There is much that can be done to generate goodwill and promote peace that has not yet been done.  Having this conviction—and seeing the potential for much compassion and much solution-oriented activity in many spiritual traditions and many fields of activity relating to peacebuilding, community revitalization, and ecological sustainability—has led this writer to explore ways of actualizing such potential. …


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