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Teaching & Learning With PS 24

Sunset Park is a diverse and vibrant neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, home to a large immigrant population. Public School 24 - the Dual Language School for International Studies - is located in Sunset Park and teaches more than 700 pre-kindergarten to 5th grade students. Nearly half of PS 24’s students are enrolled in dual language classrooms, in which all subjects are taught…


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New from Distress Signal Campaign and 1000 Community Visioning Initiatives Campaign

The Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative provides research for critical challenge alerts, and support for collaborative problem solving initiatives which seek to maximize citizen participation.


The CPCS Initiative is introducing two new information and advocacy campaigns for 2014:  the “Planetary Distress Signal” Campaign and the “1000 Community Visioning Initiatives” Campaign.




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Bringing the CLE Back Home

The learning and sharing that begins at a Community Learning Exchange has a life far beyond just one weekend. Participants take the experiences and lessons from the CLE and bring them back to their communities. Each place has its own unique history and its own set of strengths and challenges, so leaders must ask the question, “How can we use what we’ve learned to make change here at home?”

The latest CLE,…


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News From the North Carolina CLE

“Looking Back to Move Forward”

The first step toward creating change within your community is looking back to understand the past. Then, armed with that knowledge and understanding, you are able to work with others to move forward and build a brighter future.

The participants of the North Carolina CLE

This theme guided the last Community Learning Exchange - “Looking Back to Move Forward":…


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Just a Few More Days Till the Next CLE

It’s the final countdown for the next CLE!

The gathering - “Looking Back to Move Forward": Leading for School, Family and Community Healing - begins next week in North Carolina. From October 10 to 13, teams from around the country will come together at the Franklinton Center at Bricks (FCAB) in eastern North Carolina. Participants will focus on a collective…


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NY Times Article - Professor says he solved mystery over a slave's novel

In 2002, a novel thought to be the first written by an African-American woman became a best seller, praised for its dramatic depiction of Southern life in the mid-1850s through…


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Collective Wisdom: From Texas to North Carolina

The last Community Learning Exchange at Texas State University in San Marcos was a huge success, and CLE members are channeling that energy into work in their…


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Join Live Parent-Teacher-Student-Principal Chat Tonight on Twitter


Our weekly Parent-Teacher twitter chat continues tonight at 9pm eastern. 

Tonight’s topic: Student-Centered parent-teacher meetings at home and in schools

Last week was a huge success with 400 tweeters (parents, students, teachers, superintendents and…


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The Art(s) of Leadership: Highlights From the Latest CLE

One of the Community Learning Exchange’s fundamental values is that youth and adults have equally important abilities, gifts and perspectives to bring to the table. Partnerships among leaders of all ages have always been a priority for the CLE, and participants from the most recent gathering -The Art(s) of Leadership: A CLE focused on Youth-Adult Partnerships in Texas…


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Top 4 Features of the CLE Online Network

The core belief of the Community Learning Exchange is that we are all learners and teachers with the potential to make changes in our communities. Our members come from many different backgrounds and professions, from small rural communities and major metropolitan cities. When we make the time…


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Non-Indigenous Culture: Implications of a historical anomaly

I came across this interesting story in YES Magazine, "Non-Indigenous culture: Implications of a historical anomaly."

It was written by

"Modern westerners…


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Big Creek People In Action Strengthens Local Community Through Collective Leadership

Big Creek People In Action, a nonprofit organization serving the people of McDowell County, West Virginia and a longtime member of Community Learning Exchange (CLE), is a study in how collective leadership can work across generational lines to improve a local community.

McDowell County, the southernmost county in West Virginia, is an area rich in natural resources - timber, gas and coal - and was at one time bustling with profitable coal fields. In recent years,…


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The Makua Series Makes Learning a Family Affair

The Makua Series was imagined at a CLE gathering in 2011. The pilot project invited families to come together to learn about Native Hawaiian culture.

How do you share the knowledge that exists within your own community?…


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Preventing Suicide Among Native Youth through Collective Leadership

The Lummi CEDAR project helps prevent suicide among Native youth through cultural and leadership programs that build pride in one's identity.  

Ten years ago, young people who were feeling depressed might write…


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Makua Series Created at CLE Featured in Mana Magazine

Three native Hawaiian organizations are making headlines with a project that they first envisioned at the 2011 CLE gathering in Seattle. 

The UH Hawai'inuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge, INPEACE, and Kamehameha Schools formed a partnership…


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Ma'O Farm trip

Those of us who are here in Honolulu at the ECE/CLE had the opportunity to visit Ma'O Farm yesterday.

It was an life-enriching journey to a place where people dedicate themselves to planting and harvesting food in ways that respect the land, the farm worker, the community, and the people who eat. It is a dramatic extension of what we experienced at Ka Papa Lo'i O Kanewai a day earlier. Mahalo to the vision and tireless work of Kukui and her team. The humanitarian and environmental work…


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In Zuni Pueblo, Gracious Space Makes Professional Development Transformative

CLE Member Lee Francis (not pictured) used Gracious Space for professional development with teachers and school administrators in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico.

Say the words “professional development”…


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Young Principal Elevates Student Voices in Rural Texas

Students from Waelder spoke to the Texas legislature about state testing. From left: Principal Mark Cantu, Tatiana Garica, Jackie Garcia, Cody Orona, teacher Meghan House, Randy Tovar.

Mark Cantu is the kind of school principal who never…


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The Transformative Power of Circles

The modern world is full of straight lines and right angles. Children go to school and sit in rows, looking to a teacher at the front of the room for instruction. Adults attend meetings and sit at long rectangular conference tables. We tackle agendas, schedules, and to-do lists from top to bottom.


This wasn’t always the case, and it still isn’t in some communities. Since their beginnings,…


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Denver ‘Civic Health Club’ Brings Out the Fun in Community Change Work

You’re probably familiar with the idea of a health club. It provides a place to exercise your body and keep it healthy. The concept of a “civic health club,” on the other hand, is likely to be less familiar. It provides a place to exercise your civic health, a space…


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