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Trauma Informed Peacemaking Circles

Young People Violence and Trauma: International Perspective          

Understanding the impact trauma has on a child or adolescents behaviors and development is important to know when developing and keeping Circles with young people from communities that have experienced…


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'A Year at Mission Hill' Highlights Collective Leadership at a Boston Public School

What does collective leadership look like in a public school setting?

We can envision and discuss what it could look like. We can even read about schools that do it successfully. But there’s nothing like seeing it happen with our own two eyes.

That’s exactly what filmmakers Amy and Tom Valens have made possible through the 10-part web series “A Year at Mission Hill,” which documents a school year at Mission Hill…


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Texas Conference Participants Benefit from Collective Leadership Practices

Can a Community Learning Exchange happen meaningfully in a conventional setting?

Earlier this month, Dr. Miguel Guajardo and his team at Texas State University -- Dr. John Oliver, Dr. Monica Valadez, doctoral students Samuel Garcia, Lee Francis, and a number of other…


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Gracious Space Transforms Students in Southern California

Erin Lopes (back row, third from left), pictured with the art department, uses Gracious Space with her high school freshmen.

“I’m bringing this back to my school.”

This is what Erin Lopes decided when she first encountered…


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Check out our just-published Case Statement!

We're excited to share our new Case Statement with you all. It's a comprehensive overview of the CLE -- our history, what we do, how we do it, our challenges and successes, and what we hope to accomplish for the future. We hope it will be a helpful resource for you as members of this network and for people who want to learn more about the power of collective leadership. Check it out -- we'd love to know what you think!


Download a PDF here: …


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Collective Leadership is the "new way forward"

Here is more support for all the effort this network has put in toward establishing Collective Leadership to create community change.

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A Rural School District Rattles the Ivory Cage

Great article from the Daily Yonder, written by Dr. Francisco Guajardo, about high-achieving students from rural schools rarely apply to prestigious colleges. Ivy League recruiters aren't looking for them. But a community in South Texas opened doors, sending its teenagers to top universities and bringing their talents back home.

Check it out!…


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Principals in Training Learn How to Host Learning Exchanges

While the closing circle at a Community Learning Exchange marks the end of a three-day

gathering, it also opens an entirely new chapter. CLE participants return to their communities,

ready to facilitate the kinds of solutions-focused conversations that they had during their…


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Llano Grande Center Alums Win Seats on South Texas School Board

Forget Politics, Vote Change. This was the boldly named slate of the young people who

ran for the six open seats on a South Texas school board last November.

Jose Saldivar, Genesis Montalvo, Victor Hugo de la Cruz, Jarrett…


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Teacher infiltrates Education Task Force Meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council

Last week a teacher found a way into a meeting of the (ALEC).  Check out this article and video about her experience.  …


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academic preparedness for college

Our site in Northwestern Wisconsin has been addressing the college drop out rate amoung the youth from our area and the more we get into this issue the more we realize that we need to look at academic preparedness.  We are trying to get our arms around this topic.  We know that math is an area that we wish to focus efforts but also believe that reading and writing should be included in any kind of initiative we implement to address this.  We will be working with 5 districts not…


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Bridging Cultures through Ancient Wisdom


Recently a group of five grandmothers (Dancers of the Moon) traveled to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to begin a dialogue with the Dominican people and share their ancient cultural and spiritual knowledge.  As soon as the grandmothers landed they began a long journey across the country sharing their wisdom and healing knowledge. This trip took place during The International Day of the World’s Indigenous People and was organized by…


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Spiritual Powers for Professionals and Circles

Recently I have been studying Eastern philosophy and Raja Yoga and been finding ways to incorporate them into my Circles practice. In Raja Yoga you are encouraged to meditate with your eyes open and focus on your third eye (center of forehead). The belief is that if you learn to meditate and focus…


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How do we define and measure "Deeper Learning"?

In preparing students for the world outside school, what skills are important to learn? This goes to the heart of the research addressed in the Deeper Learning Report released by the National Research Council of the National Academies of Science in Washington.

Simply defined, “deeper learning” is the “process of learning for transfer,” meaning it allows a student to take what’s learned in one…


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Immigration Forum at Roca August 15, 2012

On August 15, 2012 at 5:30pm Roca and the Massachusetts Refugee Immigrant and Advocacy Coalition will be hosting a free informational community forum on the deferred action for DREAMers. We will be expecting close to 300 people at this event. Advocates, lawyers and immigration experts will be at hand to help answer questions about eligibility and the application process for DREAMers.…


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Circles and Court Sentencing

One of the major controversies around Circles has been in regards to using them as an alternative to sentencing outside of Indigenous communities. In Canada and Minnesota they have been successful in using sentencing Circles however they are not appropriate…


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Community Learning Exchange on new Immigration Policy

Today I am hosting a Community Learning Exchange among Roca staff to talk about Obama's announcement on June 15th. Below are 10 things everyone should know about this new policy change:

Current Status of New Immigration Policy

  • People under 30
  • Came into the country before 16 years old
  • Have No felonies
  • Lived in the U.S. for at least 5 years
  • Have current deportation orders
  1. All 300,000 cases currently in…

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Community creates urban food forest to feed, educate, and engage

The Beacon Hill neighborhood in Seattle, Washington is building an urban food forest on 7 acres of public land. Located in one of the most diverse zip codes in the United States, their neighborhood community has come together to grow their own food to rehabilitate the local ecosystem, improve public health and educate about the climate impact of food production. The…


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Community Visioning Initiatives or General Elections?

Which citizen participation/problem solving process has the better cost/benefit ratio for problem solving on a scale most of us have never known before?





We live in a time of unprecedented opportunities, in many ways created by the expansion of the Internet, and by electronic devices, communication satellites, etc which make it possible for information, knowledge and wisdom to be passed quickly to a broad range of international…


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