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Reimagining School Community Relationships- Case studies from the Community Learning Exchange

For nearly a decade, the Community Learning Exchange has focused on reimagining the way schools and communities collaborate to foster the necessary conditions for student success. The leaders and activist scholars in the CLE network have broken convention by investing in a different type of university-school-community partnership, one that marshals the local assets of urban and rural communities in the push toward equity and excellence. Together, these change agents are redesigning…


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NY Times Article - Professor says he solved mystery over a slave's novel

In 2002, a novel thought to be the first written by an African-American woman became a best seller, praised for its dramatic depiction of Southern life in the mid-1850s through…


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Non-Indigenous Culture: Implications of a historical anomaly

I came across this interesting story in YES Magazine, "Non-Indigenous culture: Implications of a historical anomaly."

It was written by

"Modern westerners…


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Collective Leadership is the "new way forward"

Here is more support for all the effort this network has put in toward establishing Collective Leadership to create community change.

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A Rural School District Rattles the Ivory Cage

Great article from the Daily Yonder, written by Dr. Francisco Guajardo, about high-achieving students from rural schools rarely apply to prestigious colleges. Ivy League recruiters aren't looking for them. But a community in South Texas opened doors, sending its teenagers to top universities and bringing their talents back home.

Check it out!…


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How do we define and measure "Deeper Learning"?

In preparing students for the world outside school, what skills are important to learn? This goes to the heart of the research addressed in the Deeper Learning Report released by the National Research Council of the National Academies of Science in Washington.

Simply defined, “deeper learning” is the “process of learning for transfer,” meaning it allows a student to take what’s learned in one…


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Community creates urban food forest to feed, educate, and engage

The Beacon Hill neighborhood in Seattle, Washington is building an urban food forest on 7 acres of public land. Located in one of the most diverse zip codes in the United States, their neighborhood community has come together to grow their own food to rehabilitate the local ecosystem, improve public health and educate about the climate impact of food production. The…


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A 13-Year-Old's Slavery Analogy Raises Some Uncomfortable Truths in School

Great article about a courageous girl who took a critical look at her own education and shared it with others in power.  Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like those she shared it with knew how to react to her criticism in a positive way.

The article is called: "…


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Wanted in Seattle classrooms: more teachers of color

This article appeared in the Seattle Time February 10, 2012.  Based on the chart in image 3 on the right, the issue isn't unique to Seattle.  Kudos to the Edgar Martinez Foundation for taking this on locally, and to the Community Learning Exchange partners for recognizing the issue on a national level.…


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Kalamazoo community leads the way

Thanks to Kwesi Rollins for sharing this story from the Washington Post.…


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Time Magazine article on Evaluating School Leaders

I thought this article might spark some conversation regarding the subject of evaluation processes for school leaders. It is not very long, but points to a recent study done on the topic and references some schools near communities involved with the Community Learning Exchange.,8599,2026632,00.html

Please share your thoughts.

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The Future of Leadership Devlopment: Groups, Networks, Partnerships

Here is a short but great article arguing that Collective Leadership methods are the "future of leadership development."

It is written by Claire Reinelt of Leadership Learning Community

Whether we seek to eliminate health disparities or prepare all children to enter school ready to learn, we do not have the leadership we need.

The heroic model of leadership blinds us to the fact that untapped

leadership potential exists… Continue

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Healing the wounds of the past

This is an article from the Seattle Times newspaper about how descendants, 4 and 5 generations past, gathered to apologize, ask forgiveness, and create healing from the harm done by the signing of the Point Elliott Treaty in 1855 which ceded Native American Land in exchange for Reservations and fishing rights.

There are… Continue

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Photos from KLCC Sessions I and II on Flickr

Anyone who was part of the KLCC family may be interested in checking out the archive of photos we have on flickr
Just follow the link above and it will take you there.

feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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thoughts from Dale

Dale just shared this thought with me and i felt like sharing it with the rest of you. I think he said it was from a Teachers without Borders brochure.

"Brains are distributed universally, it is education that is not." The Community Learning Exchange is a great way of providing another vehicle for education to be shared… Continue

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