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Get Ready for the Seattle CLE: May 15-18

Mark your calendars: the first Community Learning Exchange of 2014 is coming up in May!

“Peacemaking and Healing: Leadership Practices for Healthy, Inclusive Communities”

May 15-18, 2014
Seattle, Washington

Community leaders must act as peacemakers and healers to draw groups of diverse people together, make sure all voices are heard and build meaningful relationships. When leaders cultivate trust and openness, they create connections that break through isolation and conflict that can grow among individuals and institutions. They help people within communities address their differences, explore the tough questions and move toward opportunities for change.

Peacemakers & Healers in Community

The Seattle Community Learning Exchange focuses on the importance of peacemaking and healing within thriving communities.

Your community team (of 3 to 5 people) is invited to gather and join in this collective leadership event. Teams are most effective when they include members from different organizations, roles or parts of the community. Think about which voices should be represented from your community. Who should be present to move toward a stronger community? Together, you’ll seek answers to questions such as:

  • Where in your community do you need peacemaking and healing? 
  • What does peacemaking and healing like in your community? 
  • What would a healthy and inclusive community look like to you? 
  • What are you willing to do to build your leadership practice of peacemaking and healing?

The Importance of Place: About Seattle

Seattle is a multicultural urban area with complex relationships among many different groups of people. The area has been long inhabited by Native Americans, and years ago, large groups of Europeans, Chinese, Japanese and African Americans migrated to the city. More recently, Seattle has become home to immigrants from regions in South and Central America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.

While there has been much progress toward building a healthy and inclusive community, there is still division and mistrust due to the lasting impact of past traumas and injustice. To encourage healing and find new ways to connect diverse groups, many people are using peacemaking circles in their community interactions.

Peacemaking Circles

The circle is a powerful peacemaking symbol that goes back to ancient cultures and is used to heal, support and solve conflict. When community members come together in circles, they join as equals in a sacred space that lifts barriers between people and offers opportunities to develop and deepen relationships. Circle work has been used to address serious challenges that divide people, from racism and violence to family conflicts and community-police relationships.

Photo by Regent Brown 

Interested in bringing a team to participate in the Seattle Community Learning Exchange? Contact Steve Stapleton

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