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Night One


Here we are.  An amazingly beautiful evening in San Marcos, Texas.  Right on the main square.


After several months of planning and one hectic afternoon, we kick off the Central Texas CLE with a wonderful group of people from all across the country.  This gathering we are representing 14 different sites and over 65 people.  Some old friends, some new faces.  Everyone here to experience and learn from one another.


That is what we must continue to remember.  We’re here to learn, to exchange the good works of our communities.  Oh, and the sunset tonight was simply incredible.


It’s interesting to be on the other side of this again.  For the past few CLE’s I have been able to be strictly a participant.  Now I have a lot of logistics and a lot of work beyond the scope of my own participation and learning.


This is how it always begins.


So tonight we have been graced with introductions from the home team – Monica, myself and John.  We have been greeted by Kim Porterfield, Stan Carpenter – Dean of the College of Education for Texas State San Marcos, Mark Eads – Superintendent for the San Marcos Independent School District and Pat Murdoch – Board President for the LBJ Museum, our gracious hosts.  This museum is such a great place to hold this event and we are very fortunate for the opportunity to be in a place that represents so many intersections of stories, policy, and decisions that shaped the world.


And after all that...

...we finally got to eat!*


More later!


*Amazing food from Rogelios, remember buy local!

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