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Day Two

Begins with a breakfast taco and set up for the day.  

Last night we had an amazing evening and it was great to see everyone talking and connecting even after the event.  A few teams hit the town, some headed back to the hotel.  Our local team closed up shop and debriefed about the day.

Sunrise this morning was excellent and I am anticipating a beautiful day to continue the work.

This morning we outlined the process and set the space.  Dale and Monica engaged us in Gracious Space, great to see everyone sharing stories.  Matt, Chris, Dominic and Emiliano continued the exchange with one of my favorite activities - Q Sort.  Such an incredible process to connect people and teams.  One of the best data collection and facilitation methods I have ever experienced.

Lunch soon, then out into San Marcos for the Digi Hunt!

Will return with more soon!

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Comment by Kurt Kunkel on January 7, 2012 at 9:49am

Hello Lee,

Please say hi to my lovely wife Dena, who is down there in Austin with all of you taking part in the Central Texas CLE.  Thanks, Kurt

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