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And it's all over but the shouting!

What an amazing event!  Sorry for not getting back to blogging yesterday, was tied up with all the amazing travel and experiences.  Sometimes you have to take off your writers hat and settle down as a participant.

So here we are: Sunday morning.  Seeing people back to the airport, saying goodbye, planning for the next one.

Yesterday, we had some incredible site visits in San Marcos and Austin.  Folks got the chance to hear about the good work that is being done in many spaces (in Central Texas).  Hearing from some folks, the impact was pretty profound. Then we made our way to the Capitol Building in Austin to work in our individual team ideas, plans, and projects.

This is always the part that energizes me the most.  Seeing everyone working intently, focused on planning and creating change and making their communities better, is so powerful.  I am always transformed, energized, and renewed to continue the work.

Then back to the LBJ Museum for an incredible closing.  Great food from Rogelio's.  Great music from Cody.  Great tellings from each team. And the Closing Circle.

There is no way to describe the Circle...but the word spiritual is the closest I can use.  Hearing the reflections of each person - their spark, their courage - leaves the room in a deep and thoughtful, emotional space.

Then we headed out into the night and back home. Goodbyes and such.

And now we take everyone to their flights to reflect, reminisce, and get a little sleep.

Good bye for now my friend and stay tuned for further blogs!

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