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Montana Gracious Space Practitioners Update

Gracious Space is spreading throughout Montana.

Dru Jackman is attempting to introduce Whitefish City Council to GS; Rebecca Johns and Todd Crossett are introducing GS to the Poulson City Council, and David Pals, Karen Heikel and Dona Hagen have joined up with Bill Cochran, Bruce Wittenburg, Mary Hernandez and Jani McCall (part of the ongoing work in Billings) in their work with the Billings City Council and community input survey that began this last summer

Additionally, David is wooing the local Rotary Club with GS, and Ann Schrader is working GS into the Bozeman Women's Business and Professional Association.

Ned Cooney and Nan Russell facilitated a retreat with the Flathead County Library System and applied some GS "setting" and "learn in public" approaches. They used a circle format rather than lecture, added music, and used the 2-minute uninterrupted conversation tool to help people understand each other better. It worked!

MC Jenni, Lois McElravy and Karen Marsolek in Missoula are supporting each other's practices, bringing GS to coaching and public speaking, and MC is contemplating how to bring GS to book clubs that argue incessantly with each other.

Everyone was reminded to bring GS to themselves first, for it must be "in here" in order to work "out there."
So many places in need, but so many of us! Great work everyone!

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