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Non-Indigenous Culture: Implications of a historical anomaly

I came across this interesting story in YES Magazine, "Non-Indigenous culture: Implications of a historical anomaly."

It was written by

"Modern westerners often see indigenous people as weird or exotic. A look at history shows why they’re not the strange ones.

July 9 marked the twentieth anniversary of the largest indigenous land claim in the world, the Nunavut Claims Land Agreement between the Inuit and Canada. Covering one-fifth of Canada, if the Nunavut territory were a country it would be the twelfth largest in the world. I expect much will be written this week about the failure of Nunavut, the eclipse of Inuit culture, and the demise of the Inuktitut language.

But what Nunavut's anniversary ought to throw into question is not the decline of an indigenous civilization. It's the rise of the first non-indigenous one.

Let me show you what I mean with one simple question:

"Where do you want to be buried?"

Pause for a moment and think about it.

Every indigenous civilization can answer that question..."  continue reading

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Comment by Trina Felsman on July 31, 2013 at 2:15pm
Lemlmtš! Thank you for sharing

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