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Reimagining School Community Relationships- Case studies from the Community Learning Exchange

For nearly a decade, the Community Learning Exchange has focused on reimagining the way schools and communities collaborate to foster the necessary conditions for student success. The leaders and activist scholars in the CLE network have broken convention by investing in a different type of university-school-community partnership, one that marshals the local assets of urban and rural communities in the push toward equity and excellence. Together, these change agents are redesigning education leadership, revitalizing local allies as partners, and restoring confidence in the collective mission of educating our children and youth.

The following case study explains the CLE approach to school-community relations and offers a set of stories illustrating how practitioners in the growing network are applying this approach in their communities.

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Reimagining School Community Relationships-Case studies from the Co...


Story 1- Larry Hodgkins

Engaging Local Power by Valuing Local Narratives and Looking Beyond the Obvious


Story 2 - John Oliver

Nurturing Intergenerational Partnerships and Learning to Let Youth Lead


Story 3 - Karen Pleasant

Listening Respectfully to Rebuild Community Trust       


Story4 - Lee Francis IV

Merging the Wisdom of Community and Educators to Create Better Schools


Story 5 - Monica Valedez

Inclusion Begins with Dialogue across Boundaries, Pre-K―College


Story 6 - Sophie Maxis

Urging Education Leaders to Teach and Learn in Partnership with Community

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