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Top 5 Reasons to Be Excited About the Seattle CLE

Our next Community Learning Exchange, "Peacemaking and Healing: Leadership Practices for Healthy, Inclusive Communities" is just around the corner! Leaders will be gathering together in Seattle next week - May 15-18, 2014, to discuss solutions through healing in their communities.

5 Reasons to Look Forward to the Seattle CLE

1. Experience Seattle

The importance of place is at the center of the Community Learning Exchange. During your time in Seattle, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about this vibrant and diverse place. You will talk to people from different communities in Seattle and experience the city through field trips and site visits to:

· Chief Seattle Club
· Neighborhood House
· A walking tour of Seattle’s Central District
· Restorative Justice Initiative
· Bush School & Union Cultural Center

2. Expand Your Network

Each Learning Exchange gives us the chance to break out of our isolated communities and our comfort zones and meet new people who are doing great work. You’ll meet everyone from laughter therapists to leaders from the Non-Profit Anti-Racism Coalition and learn more than you thought possible.

3. Develop Peacemaking Skills

Through experiential activities, you will hone your leadership abilities through the practice of peacemaking. We will join together as equals in circles and work on breaking down the barriers that divide us. Through active peacemaking and healing activities, we can begin to hear and understand the experiences of others.

4. Strengthen Your Bonds

The CLE is a great opportunity to come together with your team to build more trust and stronger relationships. You will have space for strategic planning and reflection, allowing your collective leadership efforts to grow and leaving you feeling reinvigorated.

A group meets at the CLE in Seattle in 2011

5. Good Eats

Is there any better way to build community than by sharing good food? Community Learning Exchanges are known for their good (and plentiful) food, and we expect the same at this one. Meals will highlight some of the many different ethnic cuisines that can be found in Seattle.

Excited yet?

Learn more about the Seattle CLE

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